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lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Talking over the Atlantis city and Tartessian Civilization.

Relative to the previous post, where Pichuneke have open a interesting discussion about the Tartessian Civilization and their city concept, then the scheme are many things like the described in Atlantis's civilization.
I like to report the P. comment and some links about the Tartessian civilization.

Pichuneke wrote:

I disagree, I think that Atlantis, if that city ever existed, was in the south of Spain. I discovered an old roman city reading on the net, and just for fun I wrote this:
Yes, here you have it.
No excavations at all.
you can see a wall, at the end of the street.
Understand me,perhaps that was not the city,
perhaps Atlantis, if it ever existed, was an
older one that now we can't find, but I am sure, it was in that area.
That area is also the source of other Greek legends:
Anyway it's sure that there was a lost civilization there(The Tharsis from the Bible), so anyway you have there an astounding place to explore.
And it's almost sure that a big tartessian city is under the roman one of Asta Regia.

Symbols and City scheme:

The Tartessian's Capital

A book

5 commenti:

pichuneke ha detto...

I just disagree with you in the first link, the others are nice.

I don't want to polemize (as the author of the first link usually appears whenever he finds something that links to one of their "articles"),but that author once said that Segovia's aqueduct was made by atlantians (even a child knows that was made by romans). It's in line with the disastrous National Geographic Documentary from 2011 that says that the sculpted stones known as "estelas de guerrero" had maps of Atlantis surrounded by weapons, instead of a shield surrounded by weapons...

The second link it's the origin of the previous National Geographic Documentary. But americans (probably consciously) misunderstood all the serious work of Sebastian Celestino Pérez, one of the better experts in tartessian culture of Spain. The third link is perfect.

The fact is that there are few archaeological investigations from Cadiz (ancient gades, you know, King Gadeiros from Plato) to Guadalquivir River. All is a plain full of mud that has changed its geographical shape enormously in the last 2.000 years.

pichuneke ha detto...

Tartessians are the result of the contact between phoenicians and indigenous habitants. Phoenicians came to Spain looking for minerals (another common point with the legend of Atlantis, the "orichalcum"). Then, Greeks started to commerce too.

In fact, Tatessians appear in the Bible (Ships from Tharsis). Even a town called Tharsis still exists in the province of Huelva.

That's how you must focus what you learn about this.

When I told you that few important monuments from tartessian time have been preserved, one of them was this:

You have 3D reconstruction here:

And information in spanish here (Google translator is your friend)

Gianluca ha detto...

Pic id like to give you the autorization to make posts on my blog, but i dont have your mail, If you want you can send me a PM.

pichuneke ha detto...

Thanks a lot, I don't mind to comment, but I'm not interested. In fact I wrote in some different blogs, some years ago. That period of my life is finished.

Anyway, if in the future I upload new 3D models to my blog, I'll keep you informed.

Anyway feel free to use what I write in your blog for whatever you want.

Gianluca ha detto...

Ok,Pichuneke there are only to show the comments in a post, or eventually 3d draws Thanks anyway. ;)