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Il motivo che mi ha spinto a creare questo blog è semplicemente il fatto che sono sempre stato affascinato da illustrazioni come questa, su libri di scuola o enciclopedie, illustrazioni con le quali si poteva osservare uno spaccato di vita del passato basato su riscostruzioni pressochè fondate, il mio è solo un tentativo di riscostruire dei monumenti accessibili grazie alla navigazione ottenibile con Google Sketchup e osservare l'interno di alcuni edifici con una certa libertà di movimento.

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giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Atlantis the legend revealed

I not sure about the truly rebuilded story, but someone have study a lot for this.
I like this film, and i think that it must be view.

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pichuneke ha detto...

I disagree, I think that Atlantis, if that city ever existed, was in the south of Spain. I discovered an old roman city reading on the net, and just for fun I wrote this:

Only one comment :P

Of course it may have been in other place, but in that area. Because there is another lost city, the capital of the Kingdom of Tartessos. Greeks commerced with them, and there are a lot of greek legends that have relation with the south of Spain.

Around ha detto...

Pichuneke, can you show me (on google map) the city ? Or around the actual city it was lived.
Thanks so much. :)

pichuneke ha detto...

Yes, here you have it. No excavations at all.

Here you can see a wall, at the end of the street.

Understand me, perhaps that was not the city, perhaps Atlantis, if it ever existed, was an older one that now we can't find, but I am sure, it was in that area.

That area is also the source of other Greek legends:

Anyway it's sure that there was a lost civilization there (The Tharsis from the Bible), so anyway you have there an astounding place to explore. And it's almost sure that a big tartessian city is under the roman one of Asta Regia.

Around ha detto...

Pichuneke thanks so much for this informations, at this moment, i read it, and in second time i can study it well, im now search the relative legend on wikipedia in italian, if someone like me would read it in italian languages. :)

The Asta regia site

pichuneke ha detto...

No, thank you for your 3Ds. I enjoy them a lot.

Unfortunatelly, except one or two, no monumental buildings from tartessian culture have been found. For now. But I am sure both enjoy reading about this.